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Quick Facts: Did you Know?

Employment Horizons, Inc. is committed to improving the lives of persons with disabilities and other barriers to employment, and empowering them with full access and participation in making fundamental decisions regarding his/her own life. 


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Our 2016 Socio-Economic Return on Investment:


Total Earnings:   $3,252,978                   Total Taxes Paid:  $618,944

Savings to Government Benefit Programs: $683,000 

Our School–to-Work Transition Program prepares students with disabilities for the world of work.  Classified students referred by local school districts in the greater Morris County, New Jersey area may participate in the variety of services available through our Career Development and Vocational Rehabilitation Services programs.

- Worked with 7 high schools

Our Career Development Services Division serves individuals with a high readiness and aptitude to work in the community.

- Successfully assisted many businesses and individuals in finding work opportunities- 83% of new placements who work 35+ hours per week receive benefits
- Average starting wage: $9.85/hour

Our Agency-based Fulfillment Services Division employs individuals needing a greater degree of assistance and training to attain/maintain a job.

- No return of product for 12+ years

- Daily average of 17 different jobs available

- Daily average of work from 8 different companies

     client cleaning     Employment Horizons provides job training and placement to people with disabilities and special needs in the greater Morris County, NJ area.

Our Vocational Rehabilitation Services provide training and employment in an agency-based setting.

- Served 143 individuals

- 31 program participants went on Discover Your Community trips to 11 job sites in the community

- Almost every program participant was involved in counselor-led work readiness, advocacy, and learning groups

Our Commercial Services Division provides  janitorial services to public and private entities throughout the greater Morris County area.

- Added three janitorial sites under our County of Morris contract umbrella

- 78 people with disabilities assessed, trained, and/or employed

- $5,631,678 in revenue on operations with net income of $826,649

Café Horizons and our Culinary Arts Program equips trainees to learn food industry standards while preparing light meals and baked goods for in-house consumption and catering.

- Our cafeteria offers program participants and staff with the opportunity to purchase continental breakfast and lunch 5 days/week

- This year, 16 program participants were assessed and trained in the program, with several now working in the private sector and others working daily in Café Horizons, our on-site cafeteria.

- Five trainees have learned to independently operate the point-of-sale system, increasing their marketable skills and enhancing departmental efficiency


The above highlights only some of the benefits gained by Employment Horizons' Program Participants and our business customers. Our 2016 Annual Report provides more comprehensive information on our Programs, Services, Activities and Achievements. Please click here to view our Annual Report.