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Job Placement for People with Disabilities and Other Special Needs

Employment Horizons' staff at Career Development Services (CDS) assists people with disabilities and other special needs to match their skills and interests with jobs in the local community. Through diversified service and employment options, our program offers customized support to those in need of assistance in seeking employment.

Service options include:
  • Vocational Evaluation: A short-term service that assists individuals in identifying work preferences, capacities and support needs as well as prospective careers.  A wide range of assessment tools is used. 
  • Pre-Employment Services: To facilitate the transition to employment, individuals may choose to receive career counseling and guidance, instruction in job-seeking skills, and utilize job sampling to explore different careers.
  • Job Placement: During the job search, an experienced Job Developer works with individuals to identify positions that match skills and preferences.  Assistance in contacting employers and scheduling interviews is available as needed
  • Job Coaching: Once hired, an individual may receive employment training specific to the job.  Job coaching includes teaching the actual job as well as facilitating effective ways of integrating into the work environment.  The amount of time needed for this service varies with each individual.
  • Follow Along: Once an employee is successfully trained on the job, coaching is phased out.  Follow-along services are provided on an ongoing, as-needed basis to ensure both employee and employer satisfaction.

Program participants have successfully been placed in positions in the following areas:

• Clerical   • Retail   • Reception
• Food Service • Computer Operations • Cleaning & Housekeeping
• Data Entry • Customer Service • Material Handling
• Mailroom • Machine Operations • Packaging and Assembly
For more information on Career Development & Placement Services, contact Liz DeCamp, Manager of Career Development Services, at 973-538-8822 ext. 226 or ldecamp@ehorizons.org.

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Program participant happily working in the community

Smiling program participant employed in the community