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School-to-Work Transition Services

This program prepares students with disabilities and other special needs for the world of work. Classified students referred by local school districts in the greater Morris County, New Jersey area may participate in the variety of services available through our Career Development Services program.

Service options include:

  • Vocational EvaluationProgram participant learning new tasks in the fulfillment center

A short-term service which assists students with disabilities and other special needs in identifying work preferences, capacities and aptitudes as well as prospective careers. A wide range of formal assessment tools are utilized in this process.

  • Vocational Counseling

Individual career guidance is provided to every participant. Job seeking and interviewing skills training may also be provided.

  • Consultation

Employment Horizons staff is available to assist child study teams in the development of a transition component in the Individual Education Program. Representatives are available to make presentations to Child Study Teams and parents.

  • Job Sampling

Students receive an opportunity to explore different career areas on a time-limited basis.

  • Job Placement

Employment Horizons staff matches students with jobs that reflect their skills and interests. An experienced Job Developer works individually with each student to identify and apply for suitable jobs.

  • Job Coaching

The student receives employment training specific to a particular job. Coaching includes teaching the actual job tasks as well as effective ways of integrating into the work environment.

For more information on School-to-Work Transition Services contact: Liz DeCamp, Manager of Career Development & Transition Services, at (973) 538-8822, ext. 226 or ldecamp@ehorizons.org.

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