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Statement on Continuation of Services

Since 1957, Employment Horizons has provided services to people with disabilities and other special needs, transforming their lives through the power of work. We are an excellent investment in providing hope to people… with 93 cents of every dollar spent on direct services.  Our successes have been affirmed through a 3-year level of accreditation by CARF International, the highest level awarded,  and recognition in 2005 as New Jersey’s Outstanding Community Rehabilitation Program by members of our state trade association, ACCSES NJ.

Each year, nearly 500 people with disabilities from Northern New Jersey—from high school students to senior citizens—look to Employment Horizons in their search for employment and to achieve personal dignity through work.  They represent more than 100 different Intellectual/Developmental, Physical and Mental Health challenges and approximately two-thirds have multiple disabilities. 

Vocational aspirations are unique to each individual—whether learning skills needed in performing tasks or those needed to integrate into a work environment.  Those aspirations are not static, may evolve and change over short or long periods of time.  That is why Employment Horizons remains committed to the Person-Centered Planning process.  That is why we are committed to a menu of services, and that is why we will never restrict the people we serve with a single-minded, “one size fits all” program.  Services and work will always be the program participant’s choice—not Employment Horizons’ choice, and certainly not a choice forced upon them nor made for them by any other entity.

Career Development Services is our largest program division providing community-based Supported Employment services to 300+ individuals from six Northern New Jersey Counties.  Over 60 employers work with program staff to provide job sampling experiences in actual jobs, at actual job-sites.  Each person, whether on a job sample or job placement, receives a wage equal to minimum wage with most earning well above it.

The local labor market has been unable to absorb all adults with disabilities just as it has been unable to absorb everyone without disabilities.  Some individuals have chosen to train or work at Employment Horizons’ in agency-based programs—to develop work readiness skills until they desire and are able to obtain community employment.   Individuals who utilize our agency-based employment programs access an array of services with the purpose to continually develop one’s vocational abilities and potential.  These services include our Discover Your Community job-site exploration program, work readiness groups, paid sick and vacation days, paid holidays, job sampling, transfer to Supported Employment and a US Department of Labor Special Minimum Wage Certificate under Section 14c of the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Section 14c allows skills-based wages to be paid to individuals whose disabilities impact and limit productivity at this time.  An excellent explanation of history, purpose and value of Section 14c can be found on the Internet at this link

We invite you to join the more than 100 annual program visitors who witness the transforming power of work in action. Please schedule your visit by contacting Maria Florio at 973-538-8822 ext. 240 or mariaflorio@ehorizons.org.