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Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Service options include:Program participant and counselor signing in fulfillment center

Paid Work Experiences
Opportunities to earn a paycheck while learning in an agency-based setting.

Vocational Evaluation
This five-week program assists people with disabilities and other special needs to identify work preferences, abilities and support needs by utilizing a wide range of assessment tools as well as ongoing situational assessments of work habits and readiness in a work environment. Recommendations for additional services are based on preferences of the program participant and results of the 25-day evaluation.

Employee Development Services
This 45-to-90-day transitional program is designed to assist individuals to develop the skills needed to work in their chosen field. Service plans and vocational goals based on personal preferences and evaluation findings are developed and implemented.
Organizational Employment Services
Ongoing work experiences and a full range of vocational rehabilitation services are available for those individuals who prefer a longer period in which to develop employment readiness.

Individual and Group Counseling
Personalized vocational counseling in provided by highly qualified professionals. Individuals are served by a counselor for the duration of their program. Personal and group counseling plus work readiness groups are offered for the duration of each individual's enrollment at Employment Horizons.

"Discover Your Community"
Small groups of individuals are brought to businesses in the greater Morris County, New Jersey area to explore the range of available jobs in order to make informed, realistic decisions regarding career goals. This ongoing program is offered to all individuals who receive services at Employment Horizons.

School to Work Transition Program
Students aged 16 to 21 gain in-depth vocational experience designed to enhance their transition from school to the workplace. Schedules are tailored to complement each student's academic program. Our professional rehabilitation staff works closely with the student, family and Child Study Team to explore suitable career options.

Job Placement
A broad range of service options are available for employment within the community. Job sampling, job development, supported employment and follow-along services are provided based on individual needs and preferences.

For more information on Vocational Rehabilitation Services, contact Nancy Toolen, Manager of Rehabilitation Services, at (973) 538-8822, ext. 217 or

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